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Metro Gallery Showing four framed Photographs of David Katz's Work https://dakphotographypvd.com/blog/2015/11/metro-gallery-showing-four-framed-photographs-of-david-katzs-wokr

Last Sunday, in Downtown Providence ,Rhode Island the Metro Gallery hung four of my photographs They will be there until December 5, for the public to view.  The gallery is located in the Providence Train Stations , near the Providence Mall and will hopefully be viewed by hundreds of people each day.  Having people see the photographs is a very rewarding feeling and knowing that not only people from Rhode Island  but tourist  who pass through the station everyday will also stop and, hopefully,  look at my work. 

The photographs include a night scene of downtown providence, that was hard to shoot but well worth while, also included in the four photographs is a shot from our famous Waterfire which I shot at  the water basin. Both were photographed with my Canon Mark II with an 70-200 lens. The third photograph is one I shot in the Dublin countryside late last year . Finally there is a shot taken from the High-Line in New York City

In addition I have nine framed photographs now on display in Boston , Mass. at the COVE located at 297 Newbury Street.  They not only include landscape shots but a number of studio setups including still life photos.  

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